Hans Borgonjon

Ceramic Artist


I started of in Belgium, more exactly Maldegem, a small village near Bruges. From there I have worked my way up to Switzerland, back to Belgium and ended up in the United Kingdom of all places!

I got a Masters in 3D Design at Bath Spa University after finishing double honours in Art History and Philosophy. I set up my workshop with the generous development grant from the Crafts Council near Frome. That is now more than 10 years ago.

My work ranges from small handheld design in porcelain to large and very large to full installations with sometimes sound and video. Ceramics is the medium I trained in. But materials will present themselves and become part of what I want to communicate.

I want to communicate. Art is at its heart about communication. But it is ineffable and by definition words are not sufficient.



MA 3-D Design at Bath Spa University

BA with double honours in Art History and Philosophy

Awarded the Emerging Makers Scheme Arts Matrix 2008, Bristol

Awarded the Development Award by the Crafts Council 2008-2009

Awarded funding by the Arts Council 2009 for Origin Craft Fair London

Awarded funding for Bronze casting course in 2009

Awarded funding by Arts Council for Face Casting installation in 2012

Owl Art Gallery Frome curator/manager 2013-2015

Curator Black Swan Arts Gallery Frome 2015-2018

Co-director and founder ArtsandMusic.uk


Exhibition at Chapel Row Gallery, Bath, March 2008

Exhibition at Out of The Blue Gallery, Bath, June 2008

Exhibition at Woodstock (Oxford), 2008

Exhibition ‘Get fresh’ Devon Guild, Bovey Tracy, January/February 2009

Clay2Day, Keukenhof, Holland, May, 2009

Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Fair, June 2009

Origin, Contemporary Craft Fair, London, October 2009

‘In Two Minds’ exhibition at Milsom Place, Bath with Mark Morris and Hans Borgonjon, November 2009

’Art-Event’ art-fair, Antwerp Belgium, November 2009

‘The European Prize for Applied Arts’ organized by the WCC in Mons, Belgium December 2009/January 2010

’Wrapped Up’ Exhibition, Bovey Tracey, Devon Guild November-December 2009

Ceramic Art London, February 2010

ICMEA conference and exhibition Fuping China, November 2010

New Territories – Spotlight on Associate Members of the Devon Guild, January/ February 2011

‘Fresh Air’ 2011, Quenington sculpture park exhibition 19/06 – 10/07

‘A.P.T. Gallery’ Creekside Open, London, Dexter Dalwood Curator, 2011

KB2011, Kapfenberg biennale 2011, Austria, September 2011

BCA , Biennale de la Ceramique 2012, Andenne, Belgium 2012

Solo exhibition: ’FaceBook Frome’ at Silkmill studios, July 2012

Art in The Garden, Painswick Roccoco gardens, Stroud, August 2012

Greenham Common exhibition Newbury, November 2012

Owl Art Gallery exhibition November2013

‘Being Human’ Collective residence 2013

Video pod for International video artist Pippilotti Rist 2014

Ceramic architectural maquette for site on Olympic village site in London for international architect bureau Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios Bath 2015

Curator of ‘A Wintershow’ at Black Swan Arts Frome, December 2015

Curator ‘Hinterland’ Gladys Paulus solo show, Black Swan Arts Gallery, Frome October 2017

‘Outside Insight’ exhibition Rosalind Robinson and Hans Borgonjon, Silk Mill Gallery Frome, September 2017

Art at the Heart RUH Bath exhibition 2017-2018 ongoing

Collections in Bath, Kent, Ghent (Belgium), Barcelona and Fuping (China).

Future events

Curator of ‘The Chemistry of Bronze’ Black Swan Arts Gallery Frome, June-July 2018

Bath Art Fair 11 till 13th of May


Publications Ceramic Review: Open Gallery, March 2008 and November/December 2010

‘New Ceramics’ article published Dec/Jan 2009-2010

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‘500 Ceramic Sculptures’ Lark Books, 2009

‘European Prize for Applied Arts’ catalogue, WCC, 2009

Crafts Arts International Australia, Issue 80, November/December 2010

Access Ceramics, initiative by Portland University USA, 2009: http://accessceramics.org/

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